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Myspace is almost certainly the most popular, and one of the more easily customizable. Unfortunately because it does have a huge number of wigits, and will let you do nearly anything to it, many people take the opportunity to rape ones retina and ear drums. 

Livejournal has a few less features, but is far easier to use for those who don't know how or don't care to play with the layout and such. 

Blog is short for "weblog" and can be any sort of information, really.

Blogger/Blogspot is another popular tool that is less community oriented than Livejournal or MySpace and is used as often for new/politics and similar topics.

I have an LJ, but honestly prefer my Tribe.net account. 

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For people who have been living under a rock for the past five years -- 
that would be, um, me -- can someone explain blogspace generally, and 
what the objection is to MySpace particularly?

Where do blogs come from anyway?  What's the difference between 
Livejournal and Myspace?  Or any other?  Ferex, prior searches have 
introduced me to something called Icerocket and another called 
Technorati... what are these?  I just follow links, see...

Ta, L.  (disinclined to count the teeth on the gift horse.)

[LMB] (news) my new blog
Elizabeth McCoy arcangel at io.com
Tue Mar 27 22:20:40 BST 2007


Oh. My. Myspace.

...I don't suppose anyone knows if it's possible to set up a RSS feed from
Myspace to Livejournal? *weak grin*
--Beth, arcangel at io.com    
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