[LMB] my new blog

Meg Justus megj at nwlink.com
Wed Mar 28 03:02:49 BST 2007

Lois asks:
> and what the objection is to MySpace particularly?

I'll answer this part from a librarian's POV.  The rest I'll leave to the 
experts.  MySpace causes problems with public library public access 
computers when they are combined with CIPA regulations for those under 
seventeen, who would like to be the primary users of MySpace (and public 
access computers <g>) in public libraries.  This results in a horrific flood 
of complaints and whining we on the front lines can do nothing about.

There are serious issues with MySpace and people trolling for underage folks 
for nefarious purposes, as well.  How much of it is hype and how much 
reality we'll probably never find out due to the CIPA filters <wry g>.  I 
don't know why other blogging sites don't have this reputation, but they 
don't seem to.

Something else you might want to consider, Lois.  Most of us on your list 
who have blogs are Livejournal folks, and that community has been set up for 
a while.  Which might also explain some of the resistance.  I'm sure there 
are dozens of people here who would be glad to set you up on LJ, gratis, if 
you ever decide you want to switch...

who did sign up for the LJ RSS feed of your blog 

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