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On 28/03/07, Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:
> So...
>     ...can someone please explain what an RSS feed might be when it's at
> home?
> Ta, L.

To add to what other say, if you need an analogy think of an RSS feed
as a list of headlines (and maybe the first paragraph) of newspapers.

Just as you might scan the front page, or the contents of a newspaper
in a shop, RSS allows you to see all the websites you are interested
in in one place. If something catches your interest you can click on
the link and head to the website for the full article (just as you
might buy the paper that interests you).

RSS feeds are basically change notices. Either a new entry has been
added or an entry has been changed, depending on the website.

There are loads of RSS readers, and many modern browsers support RSS
to some extent. Firefox for example allows you to add RSS feeds as a
bookmark folder, updating the "contents" of that folder with the
contents (headlines) of the RSS feed.

IE7 and Firefox (opera as well, I suspect) show an orange, square icon
in the address bar of a page that has an RSS feed, which you can click
on to add that feed to your favourite reader.

I personally use Google Reader.


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