[LMB] (news) my new blog

The Sundance Kid bobug at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 28 13:33:06 BST 2007

I have a Myspace account, but mostly so people can find me, and link to
my real Blog, which is on Xanga. As was mentioned, Myspace can spam the
ear, when people set a default song to start as soon as you hit their
page. Their searching functions are fairly thin (Trying to find former
HS friends... searching by age would be nice, instead of pulling 3
thousand John Smiths, and having to sort through them)

Xanga is community-based, and you join "rings", where people who are
either in the same organization / affiliation / likes join the same
ring (this can be limited by the ring "leader"). The Blog is visible to
everyone (I had my mother subscribe to mine, and get daily digests). It
allows a lot on the free version, including pictures, and one can link
to video, but it's nicely silent. Also, it isn't really designed like
the others.

For example, I know Myspace is focused on a front-end for a user's
experience (such as the scrolling book artworks, links to the blog
entries, and so on). Xanga is a pure blog. Most recent 5 posts are on
the front page, you can scroll there and back.

I haven't used LJ, mostly because I don't want to keep two up, and I
like my Xanga ring :)


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