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If you have an open wi fi connection that could be the real problem. 

Clear your cashe.
Clear your cookies.
Change your computers internal name.
If you have a high speed connection turn off your compute, unplug your modem, wait five minutes, plug your modem back in ang turn the computer on.

In theory, this should wipe your trail with them. 

You may need to contact your ISP to get them to change your IP address but normally this will get you a different one.

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I've tried to get a LJ account going a few times, and each time, hit
the same annoying wall - It insists that my computer has somehow been
used by a teen before, and insists that I give another email address,
to verify my "parents" OK me using LJ, and insists I post my credit
card information, as well... Then it emails me (at my work addy) and
says I need to ok my "child" using LJ. I'm 32. I have no children, and
NO children have EVER touched either of my computers... And then it
won't let me set myself up as an adult, either... So, my question is...
WTF? :)


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