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Localized? In what way?

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--- paal at gis.net wrote:
> I think it's specifically because of the strong
> identification of
> "grace" with Christian religious concepts when not
> dealing with the
> physical description of "grace" as elegance, that
> majorly offsets me.

Again, that seems to be a pretty localized hang-up. 
It's a universal concept that encompasses many
different flavors and occurs inside (and outside!) of
many different religions.

> I
> don't think of "grace" religiously except for the
> specifically Christian
> Grace concept...  and it makes me think that a book
> titled River of
> Grace or Grace River is a book that is either a
> contemporary novel with
> strong Christian religious overtones that would be
> highly unlikely to
> appeal to me...

I look for the latest title by my favorite authors.  A
catchy title may make me more likely to pick one book
over another, but a title that doesn't catch my fancy
as much has zero influence on /not/ picking up the book.

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