[LMB] Re: (chat) series and titles

Elvi Dalgaard elvi at vl.videotron.ca
Wed Mar 28 18:50:51 BST 2007

I'm surprised to hear several people here say that they weren't aware 
that the story cycle was two duologies long, i.e. four books. I 
definitely knew this, and it seems to me it could only have come from 
reading this list. I'm too lazy to go back and try to figure out where I 
got the info from, though.

Susan, would you have done something different had you known that Legacy 
wasn't the end?


Susan Fox wrote:

> What is making people say "Blah" about the title "Grace River", I 
> wonder?  My theory is that it sounds too "plain" and not "fantasy" 
> enough.  Much like a story of the American frontier, perhaps.  "Grace 
> River, a story of Alvin Maker"... bwa ha ha!  I Think Not.
> Me, I like it and am grateful that the story cycle will go on for a 
> while.  I paid real money for a reader's copy of "Legacy" and would 
> have appreciated the warning beforehand that it was not by any means 
> the end of the tale.
> Anyway, Dag could kick Alvin's hiney.

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