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Ruth Frey solsticebiz at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 28 19:11:02 BST 2007

     For my 2 cents' worth, as someone who has been lucky enough to read an ARC of "Legacy", I really, really like "Grace River" and "The Wide Green World" as titles because they fit in so beautifully with where the series is going -- as titles, they have both a literal, and metaphorical connection to the events and themes of the books thus far.
      In other words, I really like them as someone who is *already* a reader of the series.  
      Of course, that doesn't mean much if one is attempting to attract new readers, and since I'm already biased towards the books, I can hardly say what would hook in somebody unfamiliar with the series -- and I can see where collcting new fans is an important consideration.
      As noted by someone else (sorry, typing fast, no time to go back and get an attribution), "Grace River" might work well shortened to "Grace," FWIW, but that leaves WGW rather the odd one out.  
      Anyway, nothing decisive there, but some random opinions for the mix.
                      -- Ruth

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