[LMB] Bricks and mortar shops in UK

Xahne xahnek at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 28 20:27:58 BST 2007

July seems such a long way away, and I have always found it hard to wait 
for things.  However, the $$$ being charged for ARCs of Legacy over on 
Ebay is too much for my poor budget.  So, with the promise of writing a 
review, and buying my own copy as soon as possible, I asked a friend who 
works at a large British bookstore chain if she couldn't get hold of an 
ARC and lend it to me.  I should perhaps point out that she gleefully 
lent me a copy of Pterry's Wintersmith on this basis several months 
before it was due in the shops.  After I had finished telling her of the 
wonders of TSK:B, she was straight on to the department that requests 
ARCs to get a copy of TSK:L.  (And yes, I did have to lend TSK:B to her.)

Several months later, no ARC.  No sign of it, either.  She tells me that 
she has asked her colleagues. And asked them.  And asked them some more, 
and there is no sign of it.  Rats.  I will have to wait.  (But we wants 
it, precious, we does, we does!)

Anyway,  I happen to go into one of the shops of the chain.  There on 
the shelf is a copy of TSK:B.  I grab it, rush to the desk, and ask 
"When is TSK:L going to be here, please?"  My thinking was, although I 
have, of course, got Legacy on pre-order with Amazon, it is always best 
to buy at bricks-and-mortar because this makes it more likely that more 
books by my favorite authors will be stocked, and bought on spec. by the 
Great Unwashed etc etc.

The poor counter-boy couldn't find any information about TSK:L on his 
system.  After prodding on my part, he finally found some information.  
If it can be called information.  All his system told him was that the 
book would exist.  No publication date, no price and no blurb.  
According to this staff member, this non-information was supplied 
directly by the publisher.  Bad publisher!  Bad, bad publisher.

So, a question!  How can the Great Unwashed here in the UK find any buy 
this fine and wonderful book (alright, I've not seen it yet, but going 
on past books!) when one of the largest book sellers in England has, to 
all intents and purposes, no record of it?



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