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Susan Fox selene at
Wed Mar 28 21:03:17 BST 2007

'Er Ladyship cheers:

*** Yay!  I win!

Yeah, you do.

>>  I paid real money for a reader's copy of "Legacy" and would have
>>appreciated the warning beforehand that it was not by any means the end
>>of the tale.

>***  No one knew.  What is now the end of /Legacy/ *was* the end of the 
>tale, drattit.  I was all done with the important things I had to say 
>about those characters, the romance had reached its rightful conclusion 
>of mutual and tested commitment, and I packed them off and settled down 
>to research a new Chalion book for my next project.  TSK was already a 
>dozen or fourteen chapters longer than I'd ever planned it to be.

Yikes!  You sent them off into the Wide Green World with no intention of following up with them?  Holy moly, you would have had an uprising on your hands.  If you think you get nagged for more Vorkosigan now... well.

>If I weren't committed to the Miles project, that Father's book would 
>have been next in my queue after TSK#4/WGW#2/whatever it ends up being 

Another day.  The Father is nothing if not patient.

>_The River's Daughter_, hmm.  No, that's a secondary character, not a theme.

<raises an eyebrow>  I suspect that "the usual way" had something to do with having that daughter, whomever that turns out to be.  The obvious guess is Fawn and Dag but when have you ever presented us with the obvious?  That's something we love about you.

Ta always,
Susan Fox / Ma Foxti

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