[LMB] Re: (chat) series and titles (now with a spoiler for Legacy)

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>If I weren't committed to the Miles project, that Father's book 
>would have been next in my queue after TSK#4/WGW#2/whatever it ends 
>up being named.  If I were to pick a single word title for 
>TSK3:Word, it would more likely be "River" than "Grace".  Which is 
>more setting than theme... I'm a little hard-pressed to name a theme 
>for #3 in line with the first two volumes; its setting, however, is 
>very clear, sigh.  Very setting-driven book, that one.  With... 
>more.  Maybe the theme will be clearer by the time I finish the 
>second half, but it will likely have to be fully and finally named 
>before then.  June or thereabouts, at a guess.



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