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PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Wed Mar 28 21:52:47 BST 2007

I'm on Livejournal. So is Suzette Haden Elgin, if you'd like to know how 
blogging on lj words out for a science fiction writer with a strong fandom. 
Her private email is ocls at madisoncounty.net - if you wish you can tell her 
Pat sent you, but of course if you know her professionally that would be 
highly superfluous.

Just a thought,



"The revolution will not be televised. It will be digitized."

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>Subject: [LMB] (news) my new blog
>Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 20:30:46 -0500
>For people who have been living under a rock for the past five years -- 
>that would be, um, me -- can someone explain blogspace generally, and what 
>the objection is to MySpace particularly?
>Where do blogs come from anyway?  What's the difference between Livejournal 
>and Myspace?  Or any other?  Ferex, prior searches have introduced me to 
>something called Icerocket and another called Technorati... what are these? 
>  I just follow links, see...
>Ta, L.  (disinclined to count the teeth on the gift horse.)
>[LMB] (news) my new blog
>Elizabeth McCoy arcangel at io.com
>Tue Mar 27 22:20:40 BST 2007
>   >http://www.myspace.com/loismcmasterbujold
>Oh. My. Myspace.
>...I don't suppose anyone knows if it's possible to set up a RSS feed from
>Myspace to Livejournal? *weak grin*
>--Beth, arcangel at io.com    --
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