[LMB] FW: [JoysOfResearch] Jerry Perkins

Carol Gray-Ricci felinoid at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 28 22:19:38 BST 2007

I suggested to Gerald Nordley that he let me forward this message he posted on the Joys of Research list, as there might be someone on our list who could help.  If you can, send the information to GDNordley at aol.com.

Carol Gray-Ricci
felinoid at earthlink.net

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To: GDNordley at aol.com
Sent: 3/28/2007 10:27:28 AM 
Subject: [JoysOfResearch] Jerry Perkins


Jerry went into the hospital yesterday in a diabetic coma. To the best of my 
knowledge at 1016, he is still alive, but in very bad shape. The hospital is 
trying to find best of kin.

I think I have most of the email tree that's gotten to me on the address list 
above, plus a couple more people who might remember something. I talked to 
Tera Rich earlier and we probably need to do some rumor control. 

I understand that Elisa Sheets is in contact with UW Medical Center on the 
next-of-kin search, and if anyone comes up with something, the information 
should get to her, at least.

Putting what I have with what's come in over the past hours; He was born in 
St. Cloud, Minnesota. His father is deceased, he has a mother and two brothers 
still living, possibly all still in Minnesota. He had a cell phone--in my 
records: 408 504-1081(cell) which he may still have and may have family numbers 
on it. I'm going through my email files to look for mentions of the 
Minnesota family and any possible contact numbers there.

--Best, Gerald

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