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Raye Johnsen raye_j at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 29 01:05:35 BST 2007

--- The Sundance Kid <bobug at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I've tried to get a LJ account going a few times,
> and each time, hit
> the same annoying wall - It insists that my computer
> has somehow been
> used by a teen before, and insists that I give
> another email address,
> to verify my "parents" OK me using LJ, and insists I
> post my credit
> card information, as well... Then it emails me (at
> my work addy) and
> says I need to ok my "child" using LJ. I'm 32. I
> have no children, and
> NO children have EVER touched either of my
> computers... And then it
> won't let me set myself up as an adult, either...
> So, my question is...
> WTF? :)

My first question is, are you using a wireless
connection?  If so, is it secured?

I remember very clearly watching a TV news program
where the host opened up a wireless connection search
on his laptop while standing in the middle of a
suburban street.  He showed the camera how, standing
there in the middle of public property, where he had
every right to stand and use his computer, he was able
to pick up and access wireless internet connections
that belonged to the people in the homes because they
hadn't secured them.  The people in the homes had no
idea he was doing that.  They probably knew he was
there because you can't wander down a street with a
full news crew without someone noticing *something*,
but if someone were sitting down quietly in their
bedroom in the house behind the street, still within
range, who would realise till the bill arrived, or, if
it were a flat rate and the freeloader kept their
usage within limits, even then?

That's my first thought, anyway.


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