OT: Big Bad JournalFen (was Re: [LMB] (news) my new blog)

The Woman With No Name incognita at fmgirl.com
Thu Mar 29 04:23:50 BST 2007

On Tue, 27 Mar 2007 19:05:21 -0700 (PDT), "Azalais Aranxta"
<tiamat at tsoft.com> said: 
> There is also a service called journalfen which is designed for
> media fans, ... and is largely
> inhabited by people who get their kicks from humiliating others
> in public and airing dirty laundry in public, so I don't
> recommend it....

Honestly, Malfoy, wouldn't it have been easier to just not mention
JournalFen?  It's a tiny little service that's not particularly relevant
to the blogosphere in general. That axe of yours must be ground to
microfiber by now.  If it was a matter of completeness, why not bring up
Blogger, or WordPress instead? 

I skim fandom_wank (which was what you were really talking about) from
time to time and I can tell you that I can't recall the last time I saw
your name come up, but not a month goes by on this list that you have to
mention or allude to the community. 

I get that fandom_wank's mere existence offends you, and I understand
and respect your reasons for feeling that way (even if I don't, quite,
share your opinion).  But cherishing all that negativity so close to
your heart is clearly causing you pain, entirely out of proportion to
the wrong done to you.  I hate to see you hurting yourself over a tiny
corner of fandom that's just not worth it.  The best revenge you could
have would be to not care.
  The Woman With No Name
  incognita at fmgirl.com

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