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On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 08:40:47 -0400, Elvi Dalgaard <elvi at>
 > And while we're on the subject of RSS/news reading, who's got
 > some interesting things on their list that they'd like to
 > share? People have already mentioned Neil Gaiman's journal
 > and the Dilbert Blog, both of which I already read. I also
 > have the Montreal Metroblog (there are many cities that
 > have metroblogs, they're multi-author local blogs),
 > McGill Underground, Old Hag (book reviews and stuff),
 > and my spouse's blog, 101.

I run an RSS reader on my handheld, and on my coffee breaks at work I 
can keep up with, the Globe and Mail latest News, the 
World Socialist Web Site (the most entertaining bunch of sectarians in 
Trotskyism, in my opinion as a Trot),, which is a local 
geekish coffeehouse in Toronto, and, a website 
maintained by a fellow Zaurus geek in Winnipeg.
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