Grace (was Re: [LMB] Re:(chat) series and titles)

Johne Cook bio_phy at
Thu Mar 29 14:52:26 BST 2007

--- Phil Boswell <phil.boswell at> wrote:
> What is about the concept of "grace" which seems to
> give so many
> people on this list conniptions?

The way I was reading it was that the concept was so
closely wedded to Christianity for some that there was
no way for them to think of it in any other context. 
I wasn't seeing any real static about the concept
itself, merely it's perceived Religious association.

The funny thing to me is that coming from a Christian
perspective, grace and mercy are two sides of the same
coin, and yet I suspect that mercy would not be as
strongly associated solely with Christianity.  I'm not
sure how that makes me feel.

In any event, the novel could be called "A Muddy Box
of Rocks" and I'd still be beside myself with anticipation.

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