Grace (was Re: [LMB] Re:(chat) series and titles)

James Burbidge james.burbidge at
Thu Mar 29 15:03:33 BST 2007

On 29/03/07, Johne Cook <bio_phy at> wrote:
> --- Phil Boswell <phil.boswell at> wrote:
> > What is about the concept of "grace" which seems to
> > give so many
> > people on this list conniptions?
> The way I was reading it was that the concept was so
> closely wedded to Christianity for some that there was
> no way for them to think of it in any other context.
> I wasn't seeing any real static about the concept
> itself, merely it's perceived Religious association.

The word has a perfectly good pre-Christian usage and meaning
(_gratia_ occurs five times in the _Aeneid_, for example).  In a
fantasy connection which was not allegorical (i.e. this would not
apply if reading, say, _The Castle of Perseveraunce_) I would normally
assume a use like "Grace River" to reflect a non-religious use.


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