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Sarah B. ebclariflute at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 29 15:56:47 BST 2007

Grace River does have religious undertones for me, but
when I asked several of my friends, they all thought
it was a woman's name or a river named after a woman. 
It also strikes me that many people won't be looking
at the title of the third book until they've read the
first one or two, by which time they should know that
there isn't a religious connection.  Just my two


--- paal at gis.net wrote:
> I think it's specifically because of the strong
> identification of
> "grace" with Christian religious concepts when not
> dealing with the
> physical description of "grace" as elegance, that
> majorly offsets me.  I
> don't think of "grace" religiously except for the
> specifically Christian
> Grace concept...  and it makes me think that a book
> titled River of
> Grace or Grace River is a book that is either a
> contemporary novel with
> strong Christian religious overtones that would be
> highly unlikely to
> appeal to me, or a fantasy or SF novel of the sort
> that are in Christian
> bookstores which I have no appreciation for (I have
> read some of them,
> and they're not to my tastes... the readership is
> looking for
> allegorical stuff that's unignorable and fits in
> with Christian
> religious doctrines and belief structures and
> allegorical structures).  
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