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On Thu, 29 Mar 2007, Ronda McCarthy wrote:

> I did a quick check on the Word Thesaurus (English UK version).
> The five main words that come up are:  elegance (n), kindness
> (n), blessing (n), adorn (v), and dignify (v).  Of those, only
> 'blessing' is religious, so I find it interesting that for some
> it is primarily the religious connotation that resonates.

It's my grandmother's name which may be why the religious bits go
right off me.

I've heard the song Amazing Grace and I know what it refers to
but if someone told me they lived near Grace River that would
make perfect sense to me.  Perhaps it's a treacherous river and
you need "amazing grace" to survive a trip on it!

> I do agree that Grace River isn't too exciting to me. I think
> for me, it is because it just sounds like a proper name. Maybe
> flip it around to 'River Grace' instead? That seems to have a
> lot more play to it.

In America, we always call rivers "X river" not "river X".  In
European texts I sometimes see "the river Thames" or "the river
Tiber" but all the rivers I grew up near in America were "the
Ohio river", "the Kanawha river", "the New river..."

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