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Ivy Yap ivyvyap at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 20:34:54 BST 2007

Carol Kennedy's LJ party sounds like a good place for LJ-pushers. Lois could
also pick up some pros and cons of using real name vs pseudonym for an LJ

- Ivy (who uses a pseudonym on LJ)

On 3/29/07, Scott Raun <sraun at fireopal.org> wrote:
> Not to mention me (sraun) and Paul (pmrabble) from this list.
> Or the horde of people that will be at the LJ party Carol Kennedy
> (cakmpls) will be hosting at Minicon next weekend.
> A fair number of Minn-StF'ers (one of the local fannish group - Pamela
> and Peg are both members) have LJ's and would be more than happy to go
> on at length about them.

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