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> It puzzles me why the question of grace of whatever higher  power
> should be  an issue in the TSK series, when it has been so  much
> discussed in both the  Vorkosigan series (by Cordelia), and in the

The differences include title--are any of Lois' extant published works
invoking Christian religious tradition in the title?  

> Chalion  books.  I don't see that the  word *grace* is any more a
> deterrent than  the words *peace,* *hope,* or  other words associated
> with religion as  well as other things, in a title.  It's a  pleasant


"Peace" and "hope" do not have overwhelming religious connection to them
as emotional states.  That is, "peace" and "hope" get used secularly as
state concepts, not so "grace."

Consider titles that have "peace" in them "Peace Train" -- by someone
who converted to Islam, and there is NO religious content that I noticed
in that song, written and performed before the artist converted to
Islam, "A Separate Peace" about events as a male-only prep school, or in
songs, "They tell all the fine young men/That when this war is over/
There will be peace/ It's the peace that lasts forever/In Flanders
Field..."  or John Lennon's song with "And no religion too" .

"Hope" is an emotion that's independent of religion. "I hope that..." 
"There's still hope" etc. don't denote or connote, as opposed to  "By
the grace of God" or "A state of grace."  Peace isn't a verb, however,
"state of peace" does not correspond to "state of religious uplift" sort
of thing.  

> name for a river,  although if Lois is true to form, I'd expect a 
> violent, whitewater  journey--

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