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Thu Mar 29 22:52:08 BST 2007

At 02:49 PM 3/29/2007, I wrote:
>At 03:26 AM 30/03/2007, Azalais Aranxta wrote:
>>In America, we always call rivers "X river" not "river X".  In
>>European texts I sometimes see "the river Thames" or "the river
>>Tiber" but all the rivers I grew up near in America were "the
>>Ohio river", "the Kanawha river", "the New river..."
>The usage I'm used to depends on the name: if it is "The X River", 
>that is how it always is, but if it is "The X" then the river X is 
>perfectly acceptable.

The American redundant stupidity in river names is, of course, the 
Rio Grande River.

I rather liked "The Long Blue River" or words to that effect, it 
seems to go with "The Wide Green World".

But then, I would never, never, never have the chutzpah to tell an 
author that I didn't like her title because of connotations which 
might be my own hang-ups.

Regards, Pete
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