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> Hello,
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>> Miles...
>> His children are likely to be terrifying, in their own way. I think that
>> they'll learn Forward Momentum rather sooner than anyone would like, and 
>> end
>> up running their playgroup.
> I don't know... They could end up like Ekaterin. I mean, Miles adopted
> that philosophy of life because of his physical limitations. I don't

I wonder, though, if Mile in Uterine Replicator may have been getting some 
additional better living through chemistry boosts for intellect and such...

> think his kids would have the same problems. Maybe his daughter would,
> if she's as military-mad as he was, but not his son, I don't think.

Miles being military-mad was I think a combination of situational and 
cultural--Barrayaran Vor class society when he was a child, was very much 
military-oriented.   Barrayaran society with Emperor Gregor married with 
children, and two other planets besides Barrayar in Barrayar's Empire, is 
not the same society as the one Miles grew up in--there are Vor who are from 
other planets, elevated by Gregor for recent achievements in areas other 
than military.   Mark likely is a big influence, and Mark has never been in 
the Barrayaran military and never really wanted to be in it.   As a Vor, 
he's rich, and interested in keeping his head down and the rest of him as 
insulated from risk-takers and thrill-seekers out playing around shooting at 
people, as possible.

Another factor of Miles being military-mad was having a grandfather who was 
old line military Vor and a father who'd been military--what should the 
heirs to Counts aspire to in Miles' family, they were supposed to go into 
the military... and Miles was trying to prove himself to his grandfather, 
and trying to make his father product of him, by following in the military 

Miles, however, as a father, has a career in the military that involved 
decorations for Things To Not Be Discussed.  Miles got ignominiously 
cashiered out of the military.  Miles married and with children, was/is an 
Imperial Auditor, wielding the viacrious power of the Emperor unrestrained 
except for his own conscience and Ekaterin's influence, and the reins of 
Gregor were Miles to do something his cousin considered going too far. 
Uncle Mark, as noted above, is someone with no attraction to the Barrayaran 
military, and unlike Vorkosigan tradition, not someone who has to juggle 
around funds regarding replacing the family pile's roof..  Compared to the 
ordinary Barrayaran Miles grew up in a wealthy household, compared to other 
Vor levels of comfort, though, the Vorkosigans were in genteel poverty (for 
high Vor class).

> And if we go with the worst-possible-thing scenario, I suspect that
> his son might want to do nothing and lounge around for the rest of his

And be homosexual--except that that wouldn't bother Grandma Cordelia all 
that much, or Miles I expect after a bit, given Miles' regret that he never 
took Bel up on any of Bel's offers while the two of them were unmarried (and 
afterward, Miles was committed to Ekaterin and Bel to his partner).

The  son being a lord of leisure, however, now that would bother Miles I 
expect.  Pat Rin pre-Plan B era for a son....

> life, and Miles would be standing next to him, gnashing his teeth at
> the wasted potential ('cause Miles's kids would have to be extremely
> bright, with parents like that).

Or perhaps not, what's the worst thing... an ORDINARY son!

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