[LMB] The next VorKosigan males

Tzivia Adler tadler at yeshivanet.com
Fri Mar 30 03:17:13 BST 2007

> So what will Miles and Marks sons do with their lives?
> The three previous generations (at least) have all been military men. 
> Their grandmother was even a soldier. But what will they want? Will one 
> want to pour as much energy into the District as Piotr, Aral, and Miles 
> have into the Service? Will one want to be a Scientist like Cordelia?
don't remember their names anymore.....

the boy (alexander?  aral?  not piotr, tho)  will be a florist, love growing 
things, and prefer a peaceful life to the hectic political swirl his father 
moves in.  his father will not understand him at all.  his mother will try 
to push him to expand his floral horizons, but he will like small mini 
gardens, and only work on small patches of the vorK's gardens.  those 
patches will be absolutely stunning, and his mother will graduallycome to 
approve of him.  his father will only ever be confused as all heck.  (are 
you ---sure--- this is my kid?????)  if enrique is still in the basement, or 
part of the family, the young boy might bio-engineer a new and improved 
flower, with what?  stronger scent?  more colorful petals?  whatever.  if he 
hangs around uncle mark, maybe he'll have the most profitable galactic 
flowers anywhere.

the girl (helen?  natasha?)  will be an absolute dragon.  if the whole 
planet is still army mad, as when miles was a child, she might try to ram 
through as the first girl.  have their been girls in the army yet?  (did 
martya ever want to join up? is that why she was bitter?)  at any rate, she 
will be the one with forward momentum, and instead of being balked by 
fragile bones, she'll be balked by something even worse: social convention.
ganny cordy will support her all the way.
papa miles will try to help her while keeping her away from the pushy 
handsome young men, none of whom are nearly good enough for her.
mama ekaterine will never advise ehr to damp her ambition and be like stone, 
but does mama know how to deal with a girl with mental focus like miles has? 
daughter might aim herself at the wall and get knocked down a dozen times, 
and ekaterine was always taught to fold herself in, not make waves.

(sigh)  but there won't be any new miles books for a long, long time.  days 
at least.  weeks.  even months!  years!  waaaah!!!

ziviya, with nothing good to read.

how is a geek girl different from a normal girl?
a normal girl goes to her closet, full to bursting, and complains, there's 
nothing to wear!
a geek girl goes to her bookshelf, full to bursting, and....... 

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