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> On 29/03/07, Johne Cook <bio_phy at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> --- Phil Boswell <phil.boswell at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > What is about the concept of "grace" which seems to
>> > give so many
>> > people on this list conniptions?
>> The way I was reading it was that the concept was so
>> closely wedded to Christianity for some that there was
>> no way for them to think of it in any other context.
>> I wasn't seeing any real static about the concept
>> itself, merely it's perceived Religious association.
> The word has a perfectly good pre-Christian usage and meaning
> (_gratia_ occurs five times in the _Aeneid_, for example).  In a
> fantasy connection which was not allegorical (i.e. this would not
> apply if reading, say, _The Castle of Perseveraunce_) I would normally
> assume a use like "Grace River" to reflect a non-religious use.

In Jerusalem, I went with my aunt to a museum that was mostly an underground 
ruin of a house presumed to have belonged to a priestly family of Jews--it 
had among other indications, at least one ritual built-in bath within the 
(very large) house.  The flooring tends towards mosaics of small square 
tilings, in and some room, the flooring had swastikas.... which would NOT be 
used as decorative borders/flooring patterns in home of Jews past sometime 
in the 1930s--or in house of people in most -other- religions, either.  The 
symbol become completely identified with evil mass-murderous

No, I am NOT saying that "grace" has  become a vile term--I am indicating 
that the -perception- of a term, or symbol, or concept can get changed to 
where one identification of concept/thought/value/etc. connected with a 
term, can make that term something no longer usable otherwise...

Consider e.g. the debasing of the term  "hacker" by the media into denoting 
noxious criminals or criminal wannabees who commit malicious activities that 
range from collecting credit card information and using it or selling it, to 
intentionally spreading computer viruses and worms intended to wipe out 
people's comuter systems....  the term "hacker" at MIT meant something a lot 
different, but the media perverted the use of the term and debased it.

Another example--the word "gay" has gotten downgraded for general use for 
use as a term denoting bright and cheery and happy and showy-pretty, its use 
to denote someone as same-gender-sexually-oriented, has  made it into a term 
that's even used for derogation these days by people whose particular values 
include both  derogation of those with a same-gender sexual orientation AND 
bad manners/verbally bullying bigotry. 

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