[LMB] Grace

Lisa Z. Morgan lisamorgan at lairhaven.com
Fri Mar 30 11:35:56 BST 2007

It is odd to me that "grace" has such strong Christian connotations for so
many. To me, "grace" is the root of "gracious", and gracious is a word that
describes both a behavior and an attitude that is serenely confident and
kind without being weak. I could give numerous specific examples in LMB's
own books. Cordelia Vorkosigan and her mother both. Alys Vorpatril. The
adult Gregor. The Dowager Provincara.

"Grace" can be use to describe a state of unity with the divine, but it can
also be used to describe a state of wholeness of soul, of unity with
oneself, an acceptance of one's own responsibility for the outcome of
choices made, and the courage to embrace these without self-destruction. 

Lisa Morgan

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