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I've just jumped in having not read the rest of the thread so forgive me,
but in traditional theology iirc the state of being gracious was the result
of the gift of grace... ie. god given.

On 30/03/07, Lisa Z. Morgan <lisamorgan at lairhaven.com> wrote:
> It is odd to me that "grace" has such strong Christian connotations for so
> many. To me, "grace" is the root of "gracious", and gracious is a word
> that
> describes both a behavior and an attitude that is serenely confident and
> kind without being weak. I could give numerous specific examples in LMB's
> own books. Cordelia Vorkosigan and her mother both. Alys Vorpatril. The
> adult Gregor. The Dowager Provincara.
> "Grace" can be use to describe a state of unity with the divine, but it
> can
> also be used to describe a state of wholeness of soul, of unity with
> oneself, an acceptance of one's own responsibility for the outcome of
> choices made, and the courage to embrace these without self-destruction.
> Lisa Morgan
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Everything in life is simply another step, not the final step, in the
process of becoming something else.

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