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> So what will Miles and Marks sons do with their
> lives?

I don't think 'the worst thing possible' for Miles and
Mark in their children wouldn't be a profession, but
an outlook.  I think the 'worst thing possible' for
these two creative rule-benders would be kids that
stick to and *enforce* the rules.  

But We Don't Do That, Da!  
How Can You Say Things Like That, Da?!
What Are You Telling The Accountant, Da?!

Almost anything else in this family would have
someone's back.  The kid who wants to be an accountant
will be apprenticed to Tpsis and have Uncle Mark
chortling with glee while giving them training on how
to be twistier than a spring; the kid who wants to be
a lawyer will get everybody in the family sitting down
with them to talk about honour and law and justice;
the kid who wants to be a farmer/horticulturalist will
get Ekaterin onside automatic; the aspiring
businessperson will have Uncle Mark, Aunt Kareen and
Aunt Martya sitting there arguing about best business
practice and Why You Should Never Listen To Uncle
Mark, Dear; the kid who announces s/he wants ten kids
will get Granny Cordelia the live-in babysitter on the
doorstep before they can blink.  But a Vorkosigan who
(gasp!) Follows The Rules... oh dear, oh dear, oh


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