[LMB] LMB (OT) Wish Me Luck !!!

Kathleen Morrison kathleen.morrison at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 15:21:06 BST 2007

  Um, Herself is Worldcon GOH for 2008...

On 3/31/07, Helen Fenton <hifenton at internode.on.net> wrote:
> Hi All
> Wish me luck - I have just sent in an application for a executive level
> public service position after being made involuntarily redundant last
> year (for US listees I was RIF'd).
> The funny part of this situation is that the position is with the same
> government agency but 5 pay grades higher and with the national head
> office rather than an ordinary regional service centre. The National
> Manager rang me to let me know  that  the position had been advertised
> and ask if I would be applying.   Yippeeee!!!!!
> The employment prospects for a 50 something female are not particulary
> good outside the public service - so I'm hanging out to get this
> position even though it will mean that I won't be able to make Worldcon
> to see herself as guest of honour.
> Helen - the quiet lurking Aussie
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