[LMB] LMB (OT) Wish Me Luck !!!

Helen Fenton hifenton at internode.on.net
Sat Mar 31 16:11:04 BST 2007

Sorry Kathleen but I know it is Denver Worldcon in 2008 that herself 
will be GOH but the position I have applied for is with Centrelink (the 
OZ version of Social Security) and I know I will have no chance of 
getting holidays at the crucial time of Worldcon. :-(    

Still I would much rather have a permanent position earning lots of 
lovely cash so I can continue to purchase as many books as I can get my 
sticky paws on. (the feline companions butt in to remind me that I can 
continue to support them in the style that they would like to be 
accustomed to)


Kathleen Morrison wrote:
>  Um, Herself is Worldcon GOH for 2008...
>> The employment prospects for a 50 something female are not particulary
>> good outside the public service - so I'm hanging out to get this
>> position even though it will mean that I won't be able to make Worldcon
>> to see herself as guest of honour.
>> Helen - the quiet lurking Aussie
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