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Doctor Nightfall musko_no_kaji at hotmail.com
Sat May 19 23:28:40 BST 2007

> > I think any Brit who says they've never eaten meat from a can is 
> > especially if they're over 50 (the post-war diet was somewhat limited 
> > corned beef was a staple.  And school dinners included Spam fritters on 
> > regular basis.  Ick.).
>There is an ambiguity here. Anyone who eats canned meat can be said to be
>eating meat from a can but what may be meant is eating "from a can" as
>opposed to a plate, paper napkin, hamburger bun etc.

And that's exactly what is meant. Never mind heating it, just opening the 
can and eating direct from it with a spoon or a fork; and, when you're done, 
using the empty can as an ashtray.

*wanders off to have a look at this test...*


What am I doing here
half asleep
and the rest of me
still in bed
making coffee
with tea bags...?

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