[LMB] TSK:B (and L) expectations (w/o spoilers, at least in my opinion...)

Sylvus Tarn sylvus at rejiquar.com
Wed May 30 15:12:42 BST 2007

On Tue, 2007-05-29 at 22:13 -0400, pouncer at aol.com wrote:
> Even if we expect our expectations to be confounded one may form, as
> it were, META-expectations. 

I had a terrable time following your text, because it printed out every
other line in my mail reader.  But even though I *knew* TSK was not
about a LoTR style grand one-time victory, I *still* fell into the trap
of expecting that sort of emphasis on the resolution of TSK:L.

However, not wishing to spoiler the book for everyone else, I thought I
might bring up a topic you touched on as well:  the magic in TSK.  I
mused on this in my ramblings-disguised-as-review of Legacy, but really
there's plenty of evidence of this in Beguilement (from which I took all
my samples).  

Did anyone else scratch their head when at the way Dag characterized the
``noxious'' returning life to blight?  Why should a swamp/wetland be
noxious?  (After all, he can bat away the mosquitos.  Oh, they're bad
this year!)  Or the way poison ivy was last to die from blight?  Or the
fact that humans were characterized as biologically/genetically ``most
complex''?  My interest in biology and genetics is solely that of the
lay person, but even to me this made absolutely no sense from a
scientific viewpoint.

Yet, as the story about Leo Graf shows, this wasn't failure of
scientific understanding or poor construction on the part of the author
(if you want to see a badly written book entertainly taken apart, read
Slacktivist's "Left Behind Friday" series, which some people have now
taken to characterizing as a basic writing how[not]to...)  *Therefore*,
biological laws were being bent (or transmuted, if you prefer) in
service of the story, and thus, even though I initially thought TSK
might be sf, it's not:  it's fantasy.  (Which admittedly sf is sometimes
considered a subset).

Which could lead to some interesting speculations about the
opportunities sf vs fantasy provide the author.  But this is getting
kind of long...

sylvus tarn

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