[LMB] TSK:B (and L) expectations (w/o spoilers, at least in my opinion...)

Phil Boswell phil.boswell at gmail.com
Wed May 30 15:24:08 BST 2007

On 30/05/07, Sylvus Tarn <sylvus at rejiquar.com> wrote:
> Did anyone else scratch their head when at the way Dag characterized the
> ``noxious'' returning life to blight?  Why should a swamp/wetland be
> noxious?  (After all, he can bat away the mosquitos.  Oh, they're bad
> this year!)  Or the way poison ivy was last to die from blight?  Or the
> fact that humans were characterized as biologically/genetically ``most
> complex''?  My interest in biology and genetics is solely that of the
> lay person, but even to me this made absolutely no sense from a
> scientific viewpoint.

I figured that there were a lot of dead carcasses lying around which
hadn't rotted because the rotting bacteria themselves had been
"blighted". Since they are very simple forms of life, it's not a
stretch to suggest that they might be very early returnees.

As for the poison ivy, I assumed that this was a backhanded tribute to
the sheer stubbornness of the ivy ;-)

I will have to look again for your "most complex" reference, but maybe
this is to do with "grounds"?


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