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>  > >This is a spinoff from my post about extremely Chavish behavior in
>  > >
>  > >"Them's Fighting Words"
>  > >or, "How the brawl began on the Hassadar Construction Site." Picture
>  > >sung in a city-folk accent.
>  > >
>  > >TTO: "The Bear Went OVer the Mountain"
>  > I believe the tune is more correctly named "Malbrouk" (Nalpoleon's
>  > troops marched to it; Beethoven immortalized it in "Wellingtons Sieg
>  > oder die Schlacht bei Vitoria".
>Malbrough s'en va-t-en guerre,
>Mironton, mironton, mirontaine,
>Malbrough s'en va-t-en guerre,
>Ne sais quand reviendra.
>That the one?

I'm trying to match the words you gave to the "Bear Went Over the Mountain" 
scansion. Especially the Beethoven one, though if I heard it, I'd probably 

One of my favorites in Classical music is Mozart's take on "Twinkle, 
Twinkle, Little Star."

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