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Thu May 31 01:06:48 BST 2007

At 8:35 PM -0700 5/29/07, sekhmet wrote:
[Why a knife?]
>So, any other explanations, Doylist or Watsonian?

I didn't think about it either, whilst reading.

Perhaps the "way to kill them" was gleaned out of some mostly-lost knowledge,
around the time that the Malices were created? Or some tale or song, and
no one wants to get close enough to try out Method B when Method A definitely

The other matter is that whatever it is needs to be primed by a death -- a
suicide -- as well as by a maker, I gather. So you'd need something that
can be used to suicide _and_ fight. I also gather that it needs to be a
quick death, so slitting wrists with an arrowhead is not likely to work.
(And, again, who wants to be the one to try to prime something like that?
If it doesn't work, that's a death _wasted._)
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