[LMB] Male and/or Female

Marilyn Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 17 10:36:27 GMT 2007

Rachel Ganz wrote:
>  >And I used to be able to knap a knive blade. I used to date a
>  >paleoanthropologist. 
> Carbon-datng?
> Rachel
> Brevity, clarity and cups of tea
The beauty of the pun is in the oy of the beholder...

Although I did learn not to trust carbon dating, most people dont 
realize that it used to be accurate +/-500 years. If youo are dating 
something from 10000 years ago,  not too bad but people trying to date 
something like the Shroud expecting something accutate made him snerk.. 
It was exposed to fire *several times* and is too young for the pinpoint 
accuracy. It could have been 0, 500 BC or 500 AD BEFORE the carbon 
addition of the smoke made it impossible to date it to anything other 
than the year of the main fire that smoked it.

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