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Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 1 13:35:25 BST 2007

Decades ago Janet Dailey was working on a series of romances-one set in each of the 50 states. On a dare and for curiousity, I read _Indy Man_ since it's set in my hometown of Indianapolis. The guy is a race car driver in town for the Indianapolis 500. The woman is the daughter of a wealthy doctor. Supposedly Dad works at City Hospital and they live in an exclusive west side neighborhood.(The racetrack is on the west side) Now there are over 10 hospitals in town, several of them grouped into Indiana University Medical Center. Now if she didn't want to name a specific hospital, it would have grated less if he'd worked at the Medical Center or some such. And the old expensive, exclusive, desirable neighborhoods are on the Northside. And this was even more noticible 30 years ago. She probably got some race details wrong too, but I'm not that knowlegable about race trivia.
Two points that aren't that hard to check, and they still bug me.

> I was rereading one of my favourite Georgette Heyers,
> 'The Grand Sophy', this weekend, and one of the minor
> characters - in fact, the male half of the secondary
> pairing - has just recovered from mumps when he enters
> the action, after an absence of about six weeks.
> So I spent the entire weekend sitting there, telling
> myself, /German measles! Not mumps, German measles!/
> Because mumps in an adult body isn't the same as mumps
> in a juvenile body. It's a longer, more debilitating
> illness and one of the consequences is permanent
> impotence - NOT something a male romance hero, even in
> a comedy of manners where everyone's clothes stay
> firmly on, should have.
> It's clearly a case of, Heyer gave him an illness she
> thought would be silly and harmless, and didn't
> realise that it isn't. It still jars me to read.
> Anyone else encountered something like that, where
> what should be a casually passed-over aside hits just
> the right way to reveal a sad lack of research, and
> colours the rest of the book?
> Raye

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