[LMB] authors goofs that bug me

JenL jenl1625 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 15:25:24 BST 2007

I thought that the inconsistency was a matter of who was using the title and
in what context?  As in, friends and social equals might say Lady Alys,
while Lady Vorpatril is the more formal address.

On 10/2/07, Hendon, Alison <A.Hendon at brooklynpubliclibrary.org> wrote:
> The inconsistency in the Barrayaran titles - is it Lord Ivan or is it
> Lord Vorpatril?  Lady Alys or Lady Vorpatril?   I seem to remember
> seeing both used.  My view is from the British version (Lord Peter, not
> Lord Wimsey.)
> Alison
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