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Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> --- Margaret Dean <margdean at erols.com> wrote:
> > Bill Bixby (the world's bravest actor)
> ...How so?

*chuckle*  'Cause time and time again he took roles in ongoing
series where he must have KNOWN he was going to be upstaged. 
Think about it.  My Favorite Martian (the Martian), The Courtship
of Eddie's Father (the kid), The Incredible Hulk (the monster)...

Loved, loved, loved him in The Magician, though.  Anyone else
remember that?
> > Fictional Characters:
> >
> > Faramir
> > Finrod Felagund
> I love the way so many of us gravitate to Tolkien heroes. I also have a bit of a pash for Fingon.

I also have this sneaking admiration for Maedhros, who IMO makes
the best of a bad job.

> Faramir is a funny case: perhaps the only character whom I love in the movies but not in the
> books. (Pausing to think if there are others where this is the case.  Yes: Elrond of Rivendell.)

Now, you see, one of the main reasons I didn't even =try= to
watch Jackson's TWO TOWERS was because of the reported treatment
of Faramir.
> > Julian Kestrel
> Oh, yes, good choice!
> > Francis Crawford of Lymond
> My favourite hero.  Top of my list.
> > Lord Peter Wimsey
> One of Lymond's progenitors, literarily speaking.

Yup.  And their respective mothers, even more so.
> > Justin Alistair, Duke of Avon
> I almost mentioned him.

For some reason he is the one Heyer hero whom I find Dead Sexy,
though I like an awful lot of them as characters.
> > The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
> Haven't seen him.  I have a thing for the Ninth Doctor.  And sometimes the Tenth. I suspect I will
> love the Fourth, when I get around to watching him.

The Fourth Doctor is the one I've seen most of.  And, again, the

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