[LMB] favourite characters from a lurker

Mandos Mitchinson mandos at allowed.to
Tue Oct 2 22:10:23 BST 2007

> > A player?  How so?  Could you explain what you mean?
> >
> >
> He's out to get into any willing woman's pants, seems mostly 
> interested in woman as objects for his own lust.  It's just how he is.

Thats never the impression I got of Ivan. I always thought he was naturally
handsome so there were always women around but he was just not interested in
settling down, mostly as a way of rebelling against Alys. As soon as she
found her own life with Simon, Ivan started to think about settling down. 

So I saw it as women were certainly part of his life but not a focus for it,
and not at the 'objects for his own lust' level. 


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