[LMB] OT: Fantasy crushes

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Wed Oct 3 00:59:33 BST 2007

> "Nice Mr. Crawford".... Isn't that an oxymoron?

Her phrasing, not mine.  BTW, I am giving The Game of Kings another try. 
Started it last night.  I haven't gotten past where I stopped last time 
(several years ago, hence the reread), but it seems to be holding my 
attention better this go round.

> There is a *reason* they were all born in different eras!

Alas <g>.

> What a strange excuse for a story.  No, the Fillion character showed 
> flashes of something
> interesting, but the whole plot was... unfathomable.

It was.  And a waste of good talent.


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