[LMB] OT: Fantasy crushes

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Wed Oct 3 03:31:07 BST 2007

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> B. Ross Ashley wrote:
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>> And CJ Cherryh's Hilfy Chanur. So she's not human? Who cares?
> And she's known to be, um, open-minded about humans. About one human, at
> least....

It's not clear if they ever actually....  even though Hilfy's aunt 
explicitly in the book hoped that they had done so....

Hilfy in Legacy of Chanur mentioned something about  how the hani back on 
the home planet were happy with Hilfy out in space and her aunt [different 
one than Pyanfar] on the planet doing the political stuff instead of Hilfy 
due to Hilfy's threatening/socially unacceptable alien tastes  [except... 
read Legacy of Chanur.  It does have a happy ending for everyone except the 
Chief Villain...] 

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