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>   Aranxta <tiamat at tsoft.com> wrote
> > On Tue, 2 Oct 2007, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> >> --- Azalais Aranxta <tiamat at tsoft.com> wrote:
> >> > I really dislike DL but I think that's at least in part the
> >> > terrible job the writers did.
> >> I'm not sure what distinction you're making here.  They are all
> >> the products of the writers.
> > 
> > Whatever issues I have with Parkman or Mohinder, I'm not reacting
> > viscerally to annoying racist subtext in the character creation.
> > DL would still annoy me if he were white, but his dumb decisions
> > would just be dumb decisions, I wouldn't be cringing at the
> > racism of the writers as well as cringing at the stupidity of
> > doing THAT or saying THAT to THAT person.
> I think many of the characters have to be stupid
> or the whole show would be different. Since I find
> most real people to be stupid, I don't see why most
> fictional people shouldn't also be stupid, it adds
> verisimilitude.
> I'm not really sure that there is any annoying racist
> subtext for DL. Can't we have a foolish character
> of any race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual
> orientation, religion, political philosophy, ableness,
> etc.? S character can be just a person, who happens to 1)
> be a member of identity group X, and fool group Y, without 
> implying that Y is caused by X?

Things I am still waiting to see on TV:

1. a MALE cheerleader as a main character (male cheerleaders do exist,
the most prominent example is the school resume of the person occupying
the position of President of the United States of America)

2 A male sex worker/sociolator/Companion/House of Mixed Repute (Miss
Kitty from Gunsmoke all those years ago) lead character instead of a
female sex worker/sociolator/Companion as lead character

3. DADDIES and single men doing the cooking and cleaning and shopping
and laundry chores are part o their  Regular Daily Routine in
commercials for floor wax, detergent, soap, mops, brooms, wipes, etc. 
At least 40% of the adults I see shopping in the local supermarkets, are
male--men who are single (such as someone I worked with 25 years ago,
who's 65 and never married), men who are with their wives, men who are
with one or two kids with the wife not with them, full America nuclear
families, men who quite clearly are doing family shopping without any
other family members with them... and they OBVIOUSLY know what they're
doing and do it on a regular basis from the way they shop and what's in
their carts. 

Star Trek Voyager finally got a female in the top command position on
the ship as lead character (as opposed to every OTHER TV space SF series
ever), Andromeda for a time had an equal number of male and female
characters (even though one of them was an Artificial Person) on the
ship, -that- was a first.

Generally, though, television and film made hidebound social
conservatism seem forward and progress and extremely daring regarding
gender roles.... 

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