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Elizabeth Holden wrote:

> --- sylvus tarn <sylvus at rejiquar.com> wrote:
>> We have good overlap, though SEP's anti-intellectualism makes me
>> *crazy*, 
> You think Susan Elizabeth Phillips is anti-intellectual? I've never thought that at all - in fact,
> I think she subtly satirizes anti-intellectualism on a regular basis.  If it helps you any,the
> hero of the most recent one I read ("Ain't She Sweet") is a writer.

Oh yes.  In fact, I wrote a whole long post


 about Jane "the smartest woman physicist" in the world---but the short
version is that I feel the whole *theme* of that book is
anti-intellectual:  woman thinks she's unhappy because she's a world
class physicist, not because of the patriarchy;  so she wants a pretty
but dumb father for her child, so it will be "happy".

Meanwhile the male protagonist up to this point only dates 22 yo bimbos
(he's 34 or so)...despite having a degree from, I believe, UM (the "ivy
league school of the midwest")  He does eventually fall for Jane (I
mean, c'mon, Jane?) but I had a hard time buying his rationalizations
for his lack desire for intellectual vigor in his partners---it spoke to
me of a lifelong lack of curiosity, which is just as important as
brains.  Brains are useless without the engine of curiosity to drive
them:  the two harnessed is what makes for intellectualism.

So when she gets preggers, her brain goes to mush.  Ok, I'll buy that,
mine did too, esp first time around, but I was *scared* about it, not
happy.  But she's *happy* about this.

Now, name me one person on this list who would be *happy* about hormone
induced stupidity?  Jane turns into a kinder-kuchen-kirk, and the
anti-feminist and anti-intellectual subtext made me really angry.  It
didn't help that I was never persuaded that the author really understood
how scientists truly work or think---and my efforts in that direction
are very small potatoes indeed, yet I *still* felt it was off.  (Cf to
our favorite author, whose artists, scientists and military types all
come off as true-to-type, or at least true-to-passion.)

Though I will say, the lucky charms scenes were a scream.

> The Regency Romance writer I was thinking of was Joan Smith.  Who, IIRC, also writes mysteries.

"I never heard of her".:)  Will check out...

> namaste,
> Elizabeth

sylvus tarn

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