[LMB] authors goofs that bug me

Mark A. Mandel thnidu at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 6 21:22:03 BST 2007

D.C. Fontana pulled a couple in her Star Trek novel _Vulcan's Glory_. (brief intermission for excursion to basement) The novel is set on the Enterprise before the original series, Christopher Pike commanding. Spock is his new Second Officer. 

On p. 90, T'Pris is describing the planet GS391: 

"No bodies of water that qualify as oceans, but there are thirteen large lakes that may be considered inland seas. Six major land masses..."

Wait a minute. If there are no oceans, there is ONE, essentially planetwide, land mass!

Then on p. 102, the sensors have picked up an interesting reading on the planet's surface.

"Position?" Number One asked quickly.

[Spock answers:] "Planetary coordinates -- latitude 90 degrees, 20 minutes, longitude 130 degrees, twelve minutes."

Spock is 100.37037% correct. Over the rainbow is nothing compared with over the pole.

Or maybe the Vulcans were drunk. That's what made it glorious.

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