[LMB] authors goofs that bug me

Doctor Nightfall musko_no_kaji at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 6 21:23:07 BST 2007

> > There is, also, thanks to a failure of imagination by council planners, a
> lack of initiative on the part of the A-Z Maps group, and great big ones on
> the part of some wag, a Police Station in Britain that is now officially
> No. 1, Letsby Avenue.
> Michael R N Dolbear <little.egret at mrdolbear.freeserve.co.uk> answered:
> That I did check and was unable to find. I thus think it is an Urban
> Legend.
> Anyone who thinks it real, quote the postcode.


I was looking for this... I heard that the naming was meant to be a joke; the link above takes you to a copy of the story that I heard, and quotes it fropm the same place as I did.

> ====
> It took me several readings to pick up the point of that. It really needs to be abbreviated to work:
> Letsby Ave. => "let's be(h)ave"
> m a m

Actually, in British English it doesn't. 

Letsby Avenue = (coprrupted) Let's Be Having You. An old cliched line for Policemen here to say when coming to arrest someone.

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