[LMB] OT: Fantasy crushes

Tzivia Adler tadler at yeshivanet.com
Sun Oct 7 02:44:26 BST 2007

>>> ziviya, thinking of hte bodyguard type in hammer slammers, now.  can't
>>> remember his name. except taht he was in love with boss, and didn't have
>>> time for female types, anyhow :(
> I'm pretty sure the character being referred to was Joachim Steuben
> (IIRC), Alois Hammer's homosexual, obsessively loyal, nigh-sociopathic
> and in-love-with-his-boss bodyguard.
> (what's scary about this is that I haven't touched a Slammers book in
> nigh-on twenty years, now, and JS was never a character who interested
> me at all.  Isn't part of senility the phenomenon where you can remember
> things from decades back more easily than things from last week?)
yes, stueben, that's the one.   such a pretty fellow, such a fast shot, and 
very loyal.
what's a little obsession between friends?  and its (almost) a good quality 
in a bodyguard.

although... if one considers that the way to make absolutely sure no one can 
hurt your pricipal is to kill everyone on the planet, one realizes that it 
is possible to be a smidge too careful...

ziviya, snickering 

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