[LMB] OT: Authors Harris and Davidson

Richard Macdonald don_iain at verizon.net
Sun Oct 7 16:22:45 BST 2007

> As Jo'Asia said, Charlaine Harris is very good and her supernatural 
> series,
> based on Sookie Stackhouse, is into its, 7th book so far.  Start at the
> beginning, though; while the stories do stand alone, the back history 
> helps
> greatly to sort out all the players.

I was somewhat disapponjted with the last of the series,
a bit  darker than the earlier books; but overall great fun.

> She also seems to have started another series on a Harper Connelly, which 
> is
> into its third book, but I have not read that yet.  [I like that you can
> sometimes search for facts you know, then find facts you want to  know!]

They are OK, a bit darker as the Southern (fried) vampires series.

> This also reminded me about the thread of humorous books.  I haven't  been
> following religiously so I don't know if anyone recommended these,  but
> MaryJanice Davidson writes a series, most of which start with the  word 
> "Undead,"
> about a female who is accidentally turned into a vampire only to  find out 
> she's
> actually Queen of the Vampires.  Doesn't sound funny, but it  is.  She's 
> up to
> about six books, and the series begins with "Undead and  Unwed."

I've red all but the latest, thanks for the discussion, just got off 
Just reread the set in the last month or so, now I know a lot more about 
shoes. ~):^)
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