[LMB] Youth authors for adults (was Re: Trease and Snared Nightingale)

Elvi Dalgaard elvi at vl.videotron.ca
Thu Oct 11 15:00:29 BST 2007

Rachel Ganz wrote:
> Another historical children plus plot author is Cynthia Harnett, who I read a lot at the same time (esp. A load of unicorn) but it seems a bit overly informative when I read it as an adult.
> Also "Redcap runs away" by "Rhoda Power" which I loved as a child.
> And for a wonderful essay about writing and depression, there's Alan Garner's "The Voice that Thunders"
I've always loved Alan Garner, but haven't read his essay. I'll have to 
seek it out.

Also, on the subject of authors writing in both youth and adult domains, 
I'm just now reading Joyce Maynard's memoir about her relationship with 
J.D. Salinger, after reading a young adult book she wrote (called "The 
Usual Rules"). I had really enjoyed the YA book, though I took it out of 
the library for my 13-yr-old. I sought out more, and this non-fiction 
was all my library had. Wow! She writes really well, and I can see 
sources for her fiction in this non-fiction work. Bizarre, stressful 
childhood she seems to have had. I haven't got to the J.D. Salinger part 
yet, but am looking forward to it.

What is it about Salinger, anyway? As I recall, Shoeless Joe, though 
fiction, of course, brought him into the story as well. I guess it's 
because it's not often that a talented writer retreats so thoroughly 
from writing and from the world. Mysterious.


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